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How you can help Harvey-impacted Areas

Last Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey hit landfall for the first time, putting millions of Texas and Louisiana residents in danger. (It has since hit landfall in Texas twice more). Eighteen have died so far, including a family who could not escape a van and a police officer who drowned on his way to work. You can help in numerous ways. Pray. Want to do something tangible? See the options (not a complete list) below.

1. Send a check made out to Lutheran Disaster response to:

ELCA Gift Processing Center

P.O. Box 1809, Merrefield VA 22116

Write Hurricane Response, United States on the Memo line

2. Visit Lutheran Disaster online and donate.

Donate $10 to the American Red Cross by texting HARVEY to 90999 or


3. Visit

Every $10 provides $200 in aid

4. Visit

To donate money, cat litter, dog treats etc., or to adopt a stranded animal.

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