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Hold Fast to What is Good..

At Sunday worship, St. James’ congregation, our ministers, were invited to participate in the sermon. We talked about Peter going from a stepping stone to faith to a stumbling block. (Matthew 16:21-28). Then we used Romans 12:9-21 and split into more than 20 small groups to discuss how Paul’s imperatives are relevant today.

Here are some of the responses:

Hold fast to what is good – hold fast to our family and church family; help others (hurricane victims, for example); focus on good instead of negativity

Love one another with mutual affection – “Duh!”

Outdo one another showing honor – respect and encourage others, no matter who they are

Be ardent in spirit – show enthusiasm in your faith

Serve the Lord – spread the Word; serve and work in the church; give to those in need

Be patient in suffering – this one is hard to practice

Rejoice with those who rejoice – be happy with your everyday life, you are alive to rejoice. Share joy with those who cannot rejoice

Live in harmony with one another – be understanding of, and open to, those who are different from you.

Do not repay evil for evil - Think of the response of the Amish when students were killed – the Amish did not just pray for the killer, but forgave. Or the Muslim woman who was shot for wanting to learn and eventually won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Live peaceably with all – Think before acting, and get along with each other. Go out of your way to interact with others and get to know your neighbors, especially if they are different from you.

Feed your enemies; give thirsty enemies a drink – Support of Pottstown Cluster, Baby Manna, invite to communion

Do not be overcome by evil – Do not join in or accept evil. Keep the faith. Love your enemies and keep them in prayer.

God loves you – even if you are a stumbling block! Come worship with us. 8 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. Sunday.

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