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Strength in Numbers

During a recent conversation, several of us were talking about whether or not you can be a believer without being part of a worshipping community. Our short answer? “Yes and no.” Yes, because you can experience the splendor of creation, the innocence of an infant in another location, and be drawn to God. Yes, because an unexpected call or card can lead you to be grateful for friends and family. Yes, because God might be seen in the power of the ocean waves, or the strength of the mountain range. But no. No because a worshipping community offers strength in numbers. Others are asking your questions, experiencing your doubts and going through grief. No, because a worshipping community provides people who pray for you when you have no words, who encourage you when faith fails. “But there are hypocrites in the church.” “I have been hurt by religion.” “I am not sure what I believe, or if God is even real.” Those who come together are NOT perfect, and do not have all the answers. But you are always welcome. And maybe you will find a home for your questions.

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