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Look for Blessings, Share Kindness

In a time when discussions become contentious, some avoid family gatherings to avoid discussion and our global community seems to be eroding, is there an answer to restoring unity within humanity – or finding unity? Can one person even make a difference? Now more than ever, we need to look for blessings, share kindness and pay attention to others.

I recently told someone I observe that at WAWA, and WAWA I have ever been to, everyone holds the door open for another person. EVERYONE. Race, height, weight, accent, clothing – it doesn't matter. Such a small kindness, but it spreads. What if one person says – "If you need to talk, I will listen." And then simply listens? What if one person asks a stranger, "How are you?" And then listens. We all know the image of a young person helping the elderly cross the street.

What if we all found a way to be kind, just once a day, with one person?

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