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Today I cried.

I cried today. Yes, there have been tears the past 2 days for people I cared about who have died... Bob, Earl, Jack, Ruth Ann, Louis, Glen, Phyllis.

Wednesday's tears were different. I watched an assault on Democracy unfold, putting lives in danger. I watched grounds I had walked as an intern, the balcony where I had witnessed government at its best, the tunnels I took to get to lunch now become escape routes to safe places.

And I cried. Not out of a sense of despair or hopelessness, but out of a sense of horror and deep sadness. Horror that fellow citizens would trample Democracy to be heard. Sadness that the country I call home and the democratic republic I value could be threatened by fellow citizens.

May we remember the commandment to love God and love neighbor. May we pull together as one United States, and uphold the Constitution so many have died for. God have mercy.


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