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3 Ways to Give: Simply Giving, Online Giving, & Text Giving

Simply Giving

Simply Giving, our electronic giving program, now accepts donations by credit and debit card, in addition to the long-existing option to debit automatically from your checking or savings account.  Simply Giving is available for your weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly offering.  Authorization forms are available in Horn Hall and online at

Please click here for help.

Online Giving

Online Giving offers everything that Simply Giving does and more!  You can:

  • set up and manage your automatic donation plan at any time

  • make one-time donations

  • more fund and giving frequency choices

  • view your online donation history

  • No need for paperwork!

Click the Online Giving Now Available icon. You can choose to make a one-time donation as a guest (no log in required) or give through your Give+ profile. If you donate as a guest, click the box for email receipt and enter your email address before finalizing your donation.

To create or access your Give+ profile:

If you already use Simply Giving, your first step is to communicate your email address to Sherry Clancy at  She will send a confirmation message to you when this is complete.  When you create your Give+ Profile, this will link it with your existing account.

To Create your Give+ Profile, click the Online Giving Now Available icon, then choose Sign In/Sign Up in the upper right corner of the window that opens.  Click on the button and follow the onscreen instructions.

To Access your Give+ profile in the future, click the Online Giving Now Available icon, then choose Sign In/Sign Up in the upper right corner of the window that opens.  Enter your email and password.

Please click here for help.

Text Giving

Give by Text – we also offer giving your offerings and donations by text! In much less time than it takes to write a check and address an envelope, you can now make your contribution to St. James with a quick text message.  To get started, text your donation with the dollar sign (example: $5) to 610-546-2102.  You’ll receive a registration link.  Click the link and enter your contact and payment information.  Then click “Process”.  You’ll receive a verification by text and a receipt by email.  For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give to Current (default fund) and it will process automatically.  Use text codes to give to other funds.


In order to donate to various funds, use the following text codes:

     Text            Donates

$5                 to Current (default)

$5 #build     to Building Fund

$5 #ben       to Benevolence

$5 #music   for music sponsorship*

$5 #flower  for flower sponsorship*

$35 #altar   for altar flowers**

$5 #3rd        to Third Sunday recipient for that month


*For music & holiday flower sponsorships, please email Barbara Eisenhart at with who the gift is "In Honor or Memory of”.

**For Altar Flowers, be sure to sign up in Horn Hall as well.

Questions?  Please click here for help or contact Sherry Clancy at or leave a message at 610-326-2810.

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