Rejoicing Spirits is a religious service for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families and friends. 

It takes place here at St. James at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month (Parking is in the rear of the church).

The ministry shares the Rejoicing Spirits model of religious inclusion with other disability and faith-based organizations.

God’s message of love is shared through a meaningful and adapted Christian worship service and fellowship time.

Individuals are free to be themselves while actively participating as contributing members in an inclusive faith community.


Fulfilling spiritual needs

Meets spiritual needs of individuals in three ways:

1. Serves as a stepping stone for those wanting to take the first step into a faith community.

2. Offers complementary worship and fellowship opportunities for those who already belong to a faith community.

3. Provides an inclusive faith group that may fully meet their needs.

For more information contact:

Pastor Kay

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