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Our Mission 

Pottstown Beacon of Hope’s mission is based on hope, love, and grace and a willingness to come alongside Pottstown residents experiencing homelessness, by providing year-round emergency shelter and working together towards creating a better community for all.


Our Vision 

Pottstown Beacon of Hope builds trusting relationships with our guests while coordinating and  facilitating the necessary resources to aid them in achieving personal growth, independent living, and permanent housing. We provide an atmosphere where hope, love and grace are our guiding  principles.  


Guiding Principles 

  1. Homelessness is a community issue 

  2. Homeless people are residents of the community 

  3. Sheltering is stabilizing 

  4. Sheltering is about community 

  5. Services need to go to the people 

  6. It’s really about housing 

  7. There are many resources on a local level to address local need 


Our Goals 

On average, it can take up to 6-24 months to secure housing after experiencing a housing crisis.  Our goal with each and every one of our guests is to identify areas of need, coordinate with service  providers to have those needs met, and equip our guests with the necessary skills for them to  stabilize in the community and have lasting, indoor housing. 

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