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Look for God

Left to our own devices, we can become stuck in negativity. Keeping score .. who did what and when? Keeping account ... how many times am I supposed to be hurt? Keeping track ... who's fault is this? Jesus instructs/commands that we forgive 70x7 ... endlessly, eternally. We know. We try. We are human. It's as if all we can pray is, "Lord, I forgive, help me when I cannot." But God's beautiful, resilient creation can teach a lesson. To some, the photo looks like a bunch of generic geraniums. But they were pulled from a dumpster ...left there by someone who caused pain ...known or unknown. Our country, our hearts, are in transition. Look for God. Beauty and grace grow out of every experience and challenge. God bless, as the Spirit waters your heart!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kay

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