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Worshiping together.

Did you know that on the church calendar, Easter is more than one day? In fact, Easter lasts for seven weeks! So the last Sunday in Easter is May 28?

I tell you this to encourage you to pick a week during the season and worship … if not with us, at a house of worship of your choosing.

There are many, common-sense reasons you might resist:

  • I can worship God anywhere. This is true. Worship

ing with a congregation offers support and encouragement, especially in times of doubt.

  • I don’t know what I believe. Truth is, faith is a lifelong journey, and all of us have questions. You will be in good company!

  • I wasn’t raised Lutheran … or … I wasn’t raised in the church. All are welcome! It could very well be that a conversation or hymn sparks curiosity. Come check it out.

  • It’s confusing … when to sit, when to stand, what part of the worship book to turn to. It can be confusing the first time, so we try to put enough cues and worship parts right in your bulletin.

  • I don’t want to stand and introduce myself. We ask visitors to fill out a yellow card, located right in your pew. You won’t have to stand up front or be introduced. And on your way out, you will receive a bag that includes information on Lutherans, ministries at St. James, and a newsletter with other events mentioned.

All this said … whether or not you worship is up to you!

Whatever your choice. God bless, always!

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