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Holy Moments...

Holy. “Holy cow!” we say in surprise. “She is a holy terror,” we say of a screaming child disrupting a bus ride. At the same time, some might say “holy” is a term reserved for organized religion, for worship or for rites of passage.

Something is holy if it deserves our respect or reverence. I would propose that many otherwise ordinary moments in life are holy. A loved-one’s last breath. A spectacular sunset. The birth of a child. Waves beating on the shoreline. A child’s first step. The first bloom of spring. Heartfelt, “I am sorry.” A newly-rescued pet, curled up in your lap. The moment right after you realize how close you came to dying.

The holy is all around you. God’s presence in the world is not confined to buildings or limited to worship.

This Sunday you will experience and hear the holy through young voices. Come celebrate youth and music Sunday with us. Or at least take a moment to look and listen to what is around you. God is there!

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