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The Joy of Children

I think children teach me more than I can ever teach them!

I was repeatedly annoyed years ago when kids climbed on the church gate and gleefully swung out and back – squealing their delight. Shouldn’t they respect church property?

I was raised in a time when kids, in an effort to teach respect and reverence, were encouraged to give a minister space. Yet my favorite moment is when a toddler runs up to me after worship and leaps into my arms, squealing, “Pastor Kay”! Maybe, just maybe, their lack of decorum gives us a glimpse of the true nature of faith.

Jesus declares in the gospel of John that he is the gate. Think about it – a gate swinging wide open to welcome all. A gate accessible to the joyful young ones among us. Jesus would not let the disciples turn children away, but rather welcomed them. Maybe the youngest among us intuitively know that we are ALL part of God’s family, regardless of some human-constructed title.”

“Let the children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” -- Jesus, in Matthew 19:14

St. James offers nursery care, infant through age two. Children's choirs and education, ages 3 and older. Vacation Bible School (with Grace Lutheran) in late June. Come check us out!

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