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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss mentions impossible things … house on mouse. Fish in tree. And for many of us – the Trinity is nearly impossible to wrap our heads around. Here is part of a Trinity Sunday sermon inspired by Hop on Pop.

God. Nod. Nod. God.

I nod at God, while laying sod.

One. Three. Three one.

God is one, God is three. What does that mean to you and me?

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, who do you relate to most?

The one in charge? Beloved Son? Or Holy Spirit? Three in one.

Ice. Nice. Hot not. Ice is nice. Being hot is not.

Ice is nice when I am hot. I am hot … but you are NOT?

H20 – we drink it up. From a bottle or a cup.

H20 - water, steam or ice. I elements, 3 forms. That is nice.

The Monday discussion featured You're Only Old Once! We looked Psalm 34:15, 17-19 and Mark 6:53-56. Do you avoid doctors, or do okay? Are you a good patient or tough to handle?

How do you respond to Jesus healing the crowd? (For instance, wishing it were still possible, wondering why a loved one did not make it, reassured that God is near when you are ill, etc.)

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