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Children are Such a Gift!

Children are a gift! Yes, they are a challenge, a mystery and expensive to raise. But what a wonderful gift! To be present and have the humbling privilege to guide someone through stages of development for a short time. To dry tears, let them put together their own Halloween costume, celebrate and watch them become parents. Being a mom has taught me more than any formal education. And being a Grammy is teaching me even more! On a recent down day, I texted my daughter-in-law and asked how everyone was doing. I told her to give my grandchild a hug, because I missed everyone so much! The response soon came back, "He told me to tell Grammy he is watching Pooh Bear." I too grew up loving Pooh Bear. And the response brought a smile and a chuckle. Sometimes one is too busy to pause for a hug. But still they hear the love.


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