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Find Balance

We recently kept our son's dogs for a week, and we have two of our own! It was fun, they were energetic and kept us on our toes. But what interesting dynamics. One was into what we called "gratuitous barking." Why wait for the mailman, a jogger or a delivery truck? Just bark for no reason and see if the other three will join in! (They did).Another, having been starved by a previous owner, would not eat with the others, but took his meals in a crate. Two were snuggle puppies. Two wanted their own space. All enjoyed a backyard of fresh air. Sounds a bit like humans during a pandemic. Some days we want to yell at nothing at all. Some days eating alone is our quiet time. Sometimes we really, really miss the hugs. Other times we are glad for alone time. Our pets have owners to look after them and stay tuned to their needs. It can be harder to stay tuned to your own needs and find balance. Phone a friend; it helps!


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