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He Brings Light into the Darkness..

How many times might you and I find ourselves blind to another person's reality? This strange exile that we are all in right now because of Covid 19 – it affects people very differently. Do we SEE or are we blind to the homeless – who can no longer shower at the Y or visit the library? Do we SEE or are we blind to our elders who are at greater risk? Everyone reacts differently. Some folks are scared, others cautious and still others annoyed. Some are without a paycheck. Others working at home amid distractions. Those at risk of depression need extra support. And in the midst of this new, uncomfortable, uncertain reality – Jesus is there. Jesus is there with you, assuring you – I am here. I am near. I am the shepherd who walks with you and restores your soul. I am the one who brings light into darkness. (If you are feeling anxious or depressed, Text PA to 741-741 to get help 24/7.)


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