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Help Protect Each Other

The United States is in unsettled times, to say the least. The CDC predicts 140,000 U.S. COVID 19 deaths by July. Racism rocks us again … when we would rather think it was behind us. So when I read that someone thinks the virus is not that bad. When I hear someone say, just because I am white, I am not racist, I cry a little. I put on my mask. I keep my distance. I confess how the privilege of my race has hurt so many. Is it possible to stop hating and oppressing others? It is possible to help protect each other? I pray. In the words of an anthem I sang 30 years ago … "Cause us, O Lord our God, to lie down in peace, and to awaken to renewed life and strength." Bring us together. Heal our wounds and teach us to listen and to bridge the gaps between us. Hear our prayer, O Lord.


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