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I am Proud Yet Fearful for My Sons...

My two grown children are "essential" during these crises. (They have always been essential to me!) Thomas is a pharmacy tech. He dons his protective gear and helps others obtain the medications they need. When a med is late, when it is too early to refill, he is cursed and yelled at. Wearing a mask 8 hours a day, breathing in too much carbon dioxide, gives him migraines. Michael is a police officer in Philly. Wearing protective gear, he has worked almost non-stop in since riots broke out – right in the midst of those riots. He works to protect and serve despite many who yell hateful things or throw things at him. I am proud of my sons. I am scared for my sons. I wish for them just a tad of respect, and much safety and good health.

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Dottie Smith
2020년 6월 23일

My prayers for Michael & Thomas and their families

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