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Missing Social Contact?

It is ironic, isn't it? You may or may not be a hugger. You may or may not appreciate small talk. You might even be an introvert who recharges through alone-time. But it is ironic. Now that we know the critical importance of social distancing, we long for personal contact. Now that we are not together on a regular basis, we become curious how others are doing. And how much alone time can even an introvert take? No, it is not the same – but pick up the phone and chat with the person you are thinking of. Write a note to the one you long to hug. Use some of that alone time to keep a "sentence a day" journal. When we are allowed to come out of hibernation, maybe you will want to burn the journal. Maybe you will put it away. But each day, each sentence is a sentence closer to being together again.


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