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Moving at the Speed of a Sloth...

Some days, truth be told, I feel like I am moving at the speed of a sloth, and have the patience of a toddler. One day is a lot like the last, and is a lot like tomorrow. Some of my normal sources of energy, lunch with a colleague, meeting with others around a shared hobby, and especially in-person visits, are on indefinite hold. I am doing my tiny part to not spread germs I may not know I have. And because I might be moving at the speed of a sloth, the phone can be jolting and Zoom can be overwhelming, and a computer glitch throws me. Is that person in the upper right corner of the Zoom screen smiling or not? So-and-so is silent, are they OK? How do we wrap this up? And I am quickly reminded that, when it comes to technology, I have the patience of a toddler. Although, maybe my toddler grandsons could help me figure out technology. I should ask! The Philadelphia Zoo is searching for a name for their sloth. "Kay?" or "Speedy?"


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