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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

What scares you? As a child, I was never scared that there were monsters under my bed, but I was scared of the dark. As an adolescent, I developed a fear of heights and a fear of closed-places. Once I became a parent, I developed a fear that something traumatic would happen to my child. (I am not sure that one ever goes away!)

Sometimes we are scared of the unknown. (When will Covid 19 be under control? Will I lose someone I love?) Sometimes we are afraid of the known. (We have had surgery on one foot, and know we need it on the other. Here, you can substitute knee, hip, etc.)

Scripture states that perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love? So, it is not the love of a parent, spouse or even child. The only perfect love is the love that God shows to you. Faith also helps. I read recently that faith is not the ability to walk on water, only Jesus can do that. Rather faith is the conviction, despite evidence to the contrary, that Jesus is in the boat with you in the midst of a storm as you are being battered by waves. God loves you. God is with you. I hope that helps.


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