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Please Strengthen Us and Bring us Together as One People

"God of justice, look on your people, all of your people, with love and mercy. Guide us in ways that are fair and respectful. Be close to us as we mourn the death of George Floyd, and mourn the racial divides that still exist. Where we face systemic sin, enlighten us and strengthen us to change, for the sake of all. Bring us together as one people to pray for equality, inclusion and peace. Be close to us as we mourn the thousands who have died during the pandemic. We pray for scientists as they work toward answers and for medical professionals trying to guide us. Be close to us as we pray for doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, pharmacists, grocery store clerks and others who risk their health and safety, to keep us healthy. Oh God, when we do not have the words for prayer, send your Holy Spirit to intercede for us; teach us to communicate without hatred. Teach us to love, as you do, unconditionally. Where there is sin, bring us to repentance. Where there is misunderstanding, lead us to mutually listen and together heal the wounds. Where we are divided, guide us to those who will work for and lead us in ways of peace. Teach us again how to communicate honestly and compassionately. We give you thanks for the gift of life, for the unconditional gift of your love. Teach us to share it. For we pray in the name of the one who died a violent death so that death would not be the last word, Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen."


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