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Preaching to An Empty Congregation

I have always said "I don't take roll" at worship. And I don't! But no matter the size of the congregation, many have "their spot," their pew or their favorite seat. The first time I recorded a sermon for you, it was strange, and somewhat difficult. How do you preach to a congregation that is not with you? How do you interact with people who are not there? Well, first, I pictured some of you as being there. Back row, pulpit side, third row, organ side, etc. Then I recalled a Christian Education class in seminary. We had to teach a class and be graded. If we chose to teach to adults, our classmates would be the students. So, I chose to teach a children's class. (To an empty classroom). I actually enjoyed it – became animated when I imagined their responses, helped them with a craft, told the Bible story. I am not equating you with imaginary children in that class. What I AM saying … when I preach in an empty sanctuary, you are there. Thank you.


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