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Take comfort in fellowship.

Dear you, You're back?! Or just found us? Here are a few truths about us ... we are hypocrites. That's one reason we come together ... to remember God loves all the imperfect people. You love to eat? Or maybe struggle to get a meal? 2 spaghetti dinners a year to support our national and international work trips. On the grill twice a year. Snacks weekly at 9:30am Sunday. The bread and wine ...body and blood of Jesus weekly. You are different? We are young, old and in between. Our kids are from 2-mom families, broken families, rely on grandma, or have a mom and dad. If you're scared that every talk leads to joining us ... one woman talked to me of her broken life. She is dipping her toe in else where! Contact me. I will listen. Hope we meet! Peace to you, PKay


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