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Unsettled but still Thankful

There is excitement in the air, and a bit more hope. Folks are talking about the colors of the stoplight and what will open next! Then why am I still unsettled? A friend posted on-line, "The COVID 19 virus has not gone away. When your area opens, it means there is now a hospital bed available for you." St. James is moving slowly toward being together. Too slow for some – too much for others. But it is out of concern for those among us who are at risk. I do not mind the mask if it means my germs remain my own. I don't mind small numbers if it keeps us safer. I don't know if worship will ever look like it did a year ago. But I am grateful to tape a service, to pray with someone, to begin outdoor communion. I don't know. But I remain thankful. For my health. For God's gorgeous creation. For children who sing benedictions. And toddlers who love the same toy. I am thankful. And God will be with us tomorrow too.


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