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Your Christmas Tree

Your tree, if you had a real one, has probably been put at the curb, picked up, and turned into mulch. I always find it interesting how folks decorate. Sometimes, it looks like the tree is straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Everything pristine and showroom perfect. Except for one year, when we tried that, we have a tree with ornaments that go back 55 years. If you look at my ornaments, you get a hint of where we have been (Williamsburg, the Carolinas, Nebraska, St. Lucia). You also get a hint, but you have to ask, who we have known that has died, and who we know that is still with us – because many ornaments were made by others. I guess our tree is a bit of our family history. Yours might be in the form of CDs or scrapbooks. What a rich life we have!


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