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What if?

How does your day start? Staggering, half-awake to the coffee pot? Reading the headlines as you dash out the door? Juggling children's outfits, breakfasts and lunches on deadline to get them off to school?

What if?

What if you set the alarm just five minutes earlier. (Even more than that if you like ... I am not a morning person!) And in those five minutes, you thanked God for a new day and thanked God for those who are making a positive difference in your life. With the other four minutes, you could read from Scripture - maybe starting with the Psalms, or offer a name in need of prayer with each sip of coffee.

After you drop off others at work or school, take a look around. What of God's creation catches your attention? The sun or rain? A bird or chipmunk? A smiling crossing guard?

Every minute is a chance to hear God say, "I love you, see all these blessings?"

What if we listened?

What if we noticed?

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kay

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