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Ten lepers called out to Jesus … Kyrie Elieison, Lord have mercy! And Jesus showed mercy and healed them, telling them to go show themselves to the priest. One, only one, returned to say thank you, and he was an enemy (a Samaritan). As if Jesus were an American and only a leper fighting for ISIS said thank you.

Lepers, at that time, were required to live in isolation … thus the requirement that a priest declare them ritually clean before returning to family, worship and community. So maybe they were excited, maybe they missed family, maybe they each wanted to be first in line to be declared clean. Whatever the reasons, only one returned to say thank you.

What if you and I took a lesson from the Samaritan? What if we greeted each blessing, each day, with gratefulness? What might that look like?

We might offer thanks for life. Thanks for a new day, another chance, a new accomplishment. Delayed in traffic? Thanks that we are safe. Confusion over the election? Thanks that we are able to vote. Under the weather? Thanks for doctors and nurses.

Many of us grew up automatically answering the question, “How are you,” with the response, “Fine.”

What if? What if someone asks, ”How are you?” And you respond, “I am grateful.” I wonder how that might change your day, your conversation. Try it!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kay

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