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Share the love of God this Christmas...

I remember the Christmas morning that my toddler slept in. I had gotten up early to have my coffee (I am not a morning person), and get the camera ready. So, I had a second cup of coffee. Then I called my sister. Then I read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then I … well, you get the picture! And of course, when my child finally awoke, and began the excited tear through wrappings, it lasted all of 10 minutes … or was it 5? Now that child is grown and married, serving as a police officer. His little brother is in college. And Christmas has become much more about a meal and love shared together … even if work schedules delay it a week! One joy of life in a church community is the celebration of Christmas all year – the numbers of ways we talk of the gift of salvation, of Immanuel, God with Us. And the incredible way that Christmas and Easter go hand in hand. Christ was born amid poverty. He lived, taught, healed, preached, reached out to those on the margins. Christ suffered and died. Died on a criminal’s cross. But His resurrection reminds us that death NEVER has the last word. We celebrate this every week. Come join us!

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