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It's Dr. Seuss month at St. James!

June is Dr. Seuss month at St. James - sermons and discussions pair his books with scripture. The first sermon paired Matt. 9:9-13 with Green Eggs and Ham. It started like this:

That God I am, that God I am.

I am God, the great I AM.

That God I am, that God I am – it's hard to follow God I am.

A call to follow, call to serve – Would you, could you get the nerve?

Would you serve me, do you care?

Would you serve me here or there?

Would you follow, do you dare? Bring your family, do you share?

I cannot follow here or there. I'm too afraid to do my share.

If you want to read the rest, email Pastor Kay Braun at

Our discussion paired The Beatitudes and Lord's Prayer from Matthew, Chapter 6 with O the Thinks You Can Think. Discussion questions included: When has your thinking been dark, and when has it been hopeful? What was happening at the time? Which Beatitude is easiest to believe, and which is the toughest? Why?

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