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One fish two fish, red fish blue fish

The second Seuss sermon tied together creation and confirmation as we celebrated Pentecost. It began:

"One fish two fish, red fish blue fish. God created all the fish.

Moon and sun and plants and stars. God made you. God made Mars.

God made the worm and ladybug; God made plants and people, then God shrugged.

Saw all was made and it was good. Took a rest, because he could.

From there to here, from here to there, amazing things are everywhere."

Contact Pastor Kay if you want a copy. On June 16, the sermon will tie Trinity Sunday to "Hop on Pop."

The Monday group discussed Genesis 3, "the fall" with "The Cat in the Hat." We tied boredom to temptation. And talked about God's forgiveness despite earthly consequences. Join us noon on Monday!

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