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How and Where of Worshipping is Changing ....but Worship has Not Changed

I have heard folks say, "I sure will be glad when things get back to normal. "Others have said, "I wonder what the new-normal will look like?" Normal can refer to what one expects, what is familiar or even what one wishes for. According to Webster's, "normal" means: conforming, adhering to or constituting a typical or usual standard, pattern, level or type. So for most, a "normal" worship service would take place in the sanctuary with a choir singing. And yet a different space in the building, or worship outside is safer. Many will choose to continue worshipping at home, with the help of a congregational video. Choirs will not be singing for a long time. And yet, worship is the people of God gathered to praise and pray to God, hear the word, celebrate the supper. The HOW and WHERE are changing … but worship has not changed. And God is always worthy to be praised!


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