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Perspective = Attitude

How many times have I said in this space – be grateful? Maybe I keep saying it because I have trouble with it some days. We worship in the parking lot; cannot go into the sanctuary safely. But at least in the parking lot I see faces and can chat a bit! I long for choir. But I cannot wait to hear the solos and duets lined up! I am grateful our worship can include music. One nursing home I know of allows a 15-minute outside visit with your loved-one. No more untimed bedside visits. But what a wonderful thing, to sit face to face! I baptized my grandsons on the same day, here at St. James. I will baptize my granddaughter at her home. But what an honor to do it! And what a special thing to celebrate! Working at home drives me nuts some days; working at the office can be lonely. But I am SO blessed to be employed, and to serve as St. James' pastor! Attitude does not change reality, but it helps with perspective. Keep reminding me of that!


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